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Nutan Limaye: Computational complexity

5,503 views February 18, 2022

Nutan Limaye is an associate professor at IT University of Copenhagen and an internationally...

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Mikkel Thorup: Digital Contact Tracing

2,510 views December 14, 2020

Mikkel Thorup is professor of Computer Science at Copenhagen University and an internationally...

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Felienne Hermans: The Programmer’s Brain and Hedy

1,084 views October 09, 2023

Felienne Hermans is full professor of Computer Science Education at the Vrije Universiteit...

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Robin Hanson: The Age of Mind Uploading

2,782 views October 31, 2018

Robin Hanson is an associate professor of economics at George Mason University and a research...

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Tim Roughgarden: The Price of Anarchy

3,206 views September 10, 2018

Tim Roughgarden is professor in the Computer Science and Management Science and Engineering...

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Claire Mathieu: College Admission Algorithms in...

2,277 views September 03, 2018

Claire Mathieu is a leading researcher in algorithms design and director of research at Centre...

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Yves Bertot: Verifying One Million Digits of Pi

1,991 views April 19, 2018

Yves Bertot is a senior researcher that the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and...

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Sarah Pink: Digital Ethnography

4,545 views February 19, 2018

Sarah Pink is a Professor of Design and Media Ethnography at RMIT University, Australia, and the...

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Roman Beck: Blockchain

3,099 views February 09, 2018

Roman Beck is professor of Business Informatics at IT University of Copenhagen and the head of...