The IxD Lab is a place where we build ideas.

In the IxD lab we explore how interactive systems can be designed, choreographed, and made more responsive and humane. We draw from unusual material practices. We develop new understandings that inspires new design methods. We research speculative futures through physical things and create new computational expressions.

The IxD Lab is open to any researcher at the ITU who is looking to build stuff as part of their research. The lab also hosts a variety of in-house and external events as means to exchange knowledge of new technologies and forms of interaction.

The IxD Lab offers basic tools for making physical artefacts, like 3D printers, a laser cutters, sewing machines, tools for woodwork, etc. There is also a basic stock of materials like acrylics, fabrics, wood in various formats, and electronics like Arduino boards, sensors, LEDs etc.

The IxD lab can be found at 5A58 and you can always contact us, if you want to know more about IxD lab, or want to use some of our facilities.

If you have any questions please contact the Lab Manager Halfdan Mouritzen: