Life at ITU


A new lab for students and researchers at ITU, is launching on friday. For the launch event, artist Peter Holmgaard has created an artistic VR installation with flying balloons in Atrium that participants can try out. 😎🎈 ---
The new Affective Interactions & Relations (AIR) Lab explores the affective and emotional aspects of living with digital and interactive technologies, and how such affective interactions can change our relations to the world, each other and ourselves.

AIR Lab focuses on design experiments in AR, VR, biosensing & emotion tracking, sonic interaction design, affective robots and interactive installations & environments.

The Lab is an open platform of collaboration for researchers and students across all departments at ITU.

Come join us on Friday March 1st and hear more about the research and infrastructures, try out some of the demos, enjoy the brand new 360 degree balloon-oriented atrium video experience and enjoy a glass of air-based
drinks in the Lab.