Evaluation of a new approach to teleguidance based on a wearable laser pointer

Shahram Jalaliniya, PhD candidate at IT University of Copenhagen under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Pederson, is researching in interaction technologies for wearable computers.

In this experiment Shahram is testing two mobile tele-guidance solutions.

Tele-guidance is a well-known application area for modern communication technologies whenever there is a need to support a local user from at a distance. Of the few existing mobile tele-guidance solutions, video-see-through head-mounted displays (HMD) or a combination of a HMD and a laser pointer have been investigated. In this study, we evaluated a new approach to tele-guidance based on a wearable laser pointer only. The motivation is that HMDs are known to be associated with eye fatigue and focus challenges. We conducted an experiment among 10 participants to measure user performance in two different conditions: using a HMD and using our wearable laser pointer. We observed a tendency to higher performance in laser pointer condition (p=.064). Furthermore, most of the participants found the laser pointer system more convenient compared to the HMD-based system.


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