Stina Matthiesen and Lise Møller Petersen were among the first three students to achieve the Danske Bank stipend through the GIRI 2.0 research initiative. The stipend includes all costs for flights, visas and accommodation in India.

In fall 2012 the two students, who attended the MSc programme Software Development and Technology, went to Brabrand in Denmark and Bangalore in India to conduct work place studies of the collaboration between Danske Bank and the Indian company ITC Infotech.

ITC Infotech acts as a virtual extension of Danske Bank’s IT division, providing the bank with development and support of its IT systems. During their 4 weeks stay in India Stina Matthiesen and Lise Møller Petersen gathered ethnographic data for their Master Thesis by following the IT developers’ work and interaction with their Indian and Danish colleagues. They both graduated with an A.

Stina is now a PhD student at the IT University of Copenhagen, and Lise works as a developer at KMD, one of the largest IT companies in Denmark.

Stina og Lise documented theirstay on their smart phones. The recordings have been edited into this little feature film.



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