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Level One Jam er det perfekte game jam event for nybegyndere. Alle er velkomne lige fra erfarne spildesignere til gymnasieelever. Her kan du over en weekend udvikle dit eget spil, samtidig med professionelle udviklere kommer og holder oplæg, giver inspiration og hjælper.

I denne video kan du møde Marlene og Mark som studerer SpilDesign på IT-Universitetet. De har på kun to dage udviklet et rigtig sjovt spil, og fortæller her om hvordan det er at deltage i Level One Jam.

Level One Jam foregår på IT-Universitetet og arrangeres af itu's studerende. Hvis du er mere interesseret i at høre hvad Level One: Jam går ud på og hvornår næste arrangement foregår, så klik på linket forneden:

Vi glæder os til at se dig!

PS. her er lidt info på engelsk:

What is Level One Jam?
Level One Jam is the jam where you can bring your friends who have never attended a game jam before and show them what a game jam is. We try to be as inclusive and beginner friendly as possible.

How do I contact you guys?
Write on the facebook event (link) or shoot us a message on Discord:

Can I win anything?
There won't be one winner, but instead several categories that each will have a winner. Our lovely sponsors are providing prices for the winners of each category. More on that as we come closer to the event!

Is re-entry allowed at the jam site?
Yes, the doors will remain open for the whole duration of the jam. In the case they’re closed and locked, contact one of us and we’ll come let you in.

How do I connect to the internet?
ITU has a free guest WIFI you can access, but in case that does not work, you can ask for help at the check in desk. In addition, all tables designated for the game jam will have a switch for LAN access. If you have attended ITU Lan, it's the same setup as for those.

Can I bring a desktop PC, VR set-up or some other crazy machine?
Bring whatever you are comfortable using and bringing. Just be sure to keep an eye out for it: we are not responsible if anything gets stolen. We will, however, have a wardrobe where you're able to get your stuff locked into, but this is still at your own responsibility.

Do I need to bring power chords?
There is 1 power outlet for each person at the tables in the jamming area, if you need more than that bring your own power cord.

Can I sleep at the location overnight?
Sadly, no. This is because of a strict fire code set for the building. We recommend going home and sleeping instead. Besides, more sleep = better games.

Can I bring a friend(s)?
Bring as many friends as you want! As long as they have tickets, everyone is welcome.
Are there any team-size restrictions?
Technically there are no restrictions, but being less than 2 and more than 5 is often a bad idea. Furthermore, prices for categories are set by sponsors and will likely not facilitate more than teams of 5.
How do I check in upon arrival?
We will set up a check in desk at ITU. The check-in starts at 15:00, Friday the 22nd.

Will there be snacks and drinks?
To be announced. But probably.

Does it cost anything to attend?
A ticket will set you back 40 kr + 7.99 in ticket fees.

Should I come with a team or will there be solo people there to team up with?
You can come with a team, but we encourage people to use this chance to work with some new collaborators! You can start forming teams already on our Discord:

I am in a wheelchair or have special requirements in regards to accessibility.
This is generally not a problem at ITU, but please contact anyone related to the jam before arrival. Facebook or Discord will do.

There will be taken pictures at the event. If I do not want pictures taken of me, how do I avoid this?
Just let the photographer know. Either in advance through Facebook or Discord or in person.