New technological systems may change the way we perceive, think, and act in our immediate surroundings. But what happens when biology and technology naturally coevolve and intertwine? How do we understand human-machine relationships within a cultural context and what will the future of wearable sensor technology bring?

The event is hosted by Anders Høeg Nissen of Harddisken DR P1.

In this episode artist and inventor Ken Rinaldo looks to natural living systems, mimesis and communication to reveal the underlying coevolved wisdom of the biological world as it intertwines and coevolves with our technological world. He postulates that the symbiotic junctures where machine, animal, plant, bacteria, and humans meet are where our future as a species exist. Through interactive robotic installations he shows how we are becoming symbiont, and his works pioneer interspecies communication where biology and technology naturally intertwine. By using coevolution as a model Rinaldo proposes that we can design technologies that are more sensitive to other living things and direct technology for the good of all living species we share the planet with. Some of the most fruitful research in this regards, is taking place in the contemporary arts at the intersection with advanced technologies.
Ken Rinaldo

Ken Rinaldo’s work interrogates the fuzzy boundaries where hybrids arise. He focuses on trans-species communication and researching methods to understand animal, insect, and bacterial cultures as models for emergent machine intelligences, as they interact, self organize, and co-inhabit the earth. Ken Rinaldo is internationally recognized for his interactive installations blurring the boundaries between the organic and inorganic and speaking to the co-evolution between living and evolving technological cultures.

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