Associate Professor Laura Wattsis an ethnographer and a poet.

Laura research in how nature andlandscape influence people in their every day practice with marine renewableenergy, and how it will affect people’s minds and expectations of how greensustainable energy evolves?

In this video Laura Wattstells about her participation in the research group Alien Energy from ITUniversity of Copenhagen and their research.

The research teamis interested in the role of local people and places in the marine energyindustry in Denmark and in Orkney, Scotland, as the industry moves towardscommercialization.

The Alien Energy researchteam is also experimenting with new ways of communicating research.In that context they have developed a poetic 'Energy Walk' consisting four digitalwalking sticks produced by GeekPhysical, Illutron.

The 'Energy Walk' is an immersive, ethnographic experience created as part of the Alien Energy research project and the walking sticks tellethnographic stories about energy as you walk the dunes near the harbour ofHanstholm. The text is written by Associate Professor Laura Watts.


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