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A Narrative Theory of Games

1,368 views February 06, 2015

Lecture by Espen Aarseth


GLS #9: Play to the Camera

802 views September 22, 2011

Nick Taylor talks about Audio-visual research and spectatorship in e-Sports.


GLS #8: Strange Bedfollows

623 views August 25, 2011

Game Lecture by Celia Pearce on new discoveries through the merger of the qualitative and...


GLS #7: Games User Research

882 views August 25, 2011

Game Lecture by Randy Pagulayan entitled Game User Research: Avoiding the Path to our Collective...


GLS #6: Game Props

713 views September 22, 2011

Chris Bateman talks about "Game Props". Chris Bateman is a game designer, philosopher and writer...


GLS #4: Recoil Performance Group

772 views September 19, 2011

Game lecture presented by the Recoil Performance Group, a Danish art performance group. The...


GLS #3: Strange Games

791 views September 19, 2011

A game lecture about pervasive games by Jaakko Stenros and Markus Montola.


GLS #2: "This might sting a little"

1,334 views September 19, 2011

Tobias Wrigstad talks about roleplaying in this episode of the Game Lecture Series.


GLS #1: Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren

1,202 views September 19, 2011

First lecture in the Game Lecture Series featuring Nicklas Nygren of Nifflas' Games...