Blockchain & Innovation Law conference

April 19, 2023 17:00
This conference focuses on the intersection of blockchain technology and innovation law. It is intended for students, scholars and professionals enthusiastic about the law, blockchain or both. The lectures will cover subjects such as patient data as NFTs, blockchain infused circular economies and trademark law in web 3.0. Refreshments will be served after the lectures in the atrium of the ITU.

Professor Timo Minssen and Associate Professor Marcelo Compagnucci (both Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law, Københavns Universitet)
The lecture of Timo Minssen and Marcelo Compagnucci will examine whether patients could regain control over their health information with the help of NFTs and the legal obstacles in this context.

Postdoc Katrien Steenmans (Centre for Private Governance, Københavns Universitet)
Katrien Steenman's lecture will cover the angle of how blockchain could address governance challenges of circular economies, including both the opportunities and challenges of such a fit.

Attorney-at-Law Dr. Christian Tenkhoff (Taylor Wessing, Munich)
Christian Tenkhoff will give a lecture on the state of web 3.0 and what role trademark law plays in this fast-paced environment, including a review of recent landmark cases.