Virtual Reality Conference

April 26, 2016 15:56
We're excited to announce a new conference on emerging technologies here at ITU! This time we're going to showcase the current state of VR and glance forward to how will it impact different industries and people!



A short intro to the day and a big hand to all the sponsors & partners that made this possible.
Their company mostly worked with companies that use VR for a commercial or educational purpose. They will clarify what’s on the VR market and how to use VR as business-case to increase sales or create costumer awareness in the market.
The “dangerously fun" new HTC Vive games are playable prior to the talks and the VRUnicorns will take the stage to tell the story of how their tennis playing and ski jumping unicorn became the real thing via SteamVR!

The Business of VR: Current Business Applications

On the current business landscape of VR and how companies in different industries are currently applying it and the near-future applications of VR.
Virtual reality is utilized in academia to study and explore how we normally experience ourselves, our bodies, and other people, and has been implemented to inform practices in human resources training, psychotherapy, racial biases, and to increase pro-social and pro-environmental behaviors, and to inform our understanding of neurophysiological processes.

Peder Sandquist, will speak about the technology, it's story and the opportunities for brands like Dior and Volvo.

Will speak about the technology, it's story and the opportunities for brands like Dior and Volvo.

• What possibilities Virtual Reality can create for businesses?

• What is the impact of VR on immersive customer experiences?

• How brands and organizations can take advantage of the fully immersive customer experience that VR can offer?

• What’s next in creative innovation: groundbreaking VR work and unique insights into the future of VR.
A panel discussion to conclude the evening and leave the event with some food for thought. Livestream audience can join in aswell!