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GLS #9: Play to the Camera

802 views September 22, 2011

Nick Taylor talks about Audio-visual research and spectatorship in e-Sports.


GLS #10: Beyond the Snortal: Scented media and...

799 views September 22, 2011

Researcher, Simon Niedenthal, talks about scented media and games.


GLS #11: Death in Games

721 views August 24, 2011

Game Lecture by Julian Dibbell on the history of game death and its implications for the past and...


GLS #12: Gulliver's World

644 views August 24, 2011

Game Lecture by key researcher at Ars Electronica Futurelab, Roland Haring, on ‘Gulliver’s...


GLS #13: How to make a Hard Thing Even Harder

811 views August 24, 2011

Game Lecture by Anders Gustafsson. In 2009 Anders Gustafsson and Erik Zaring resigned from their...


GLS #14: Music in Games

839 views September 28, 2011

Game Lecture by Ben Light about Music as Gaming: An Ethnographic Study of SingStar.


GLS #15: Wordplay

903 views November 18, 2011

Assistant professor at the Department of Communication at Seattle University, Christopher A....


GLS #16: Hello Avatar

1,023 views December 03, 2011

Watch the Game Lecture by Dr. Beth Coleman, an assisting professor at the MIT and the author of...


GLS #17: Our Digital Selves

874 views December 07, 2011

Watch the Game Lecture by research scientist Nick Yee from PARC (Palo Alto Research Center): What...