In the EVOBLISS E.U. project we are exploring the synergies between microbial fuel cells, robotics, and artificial chemical life.
The goal of this Autumn school is to give selected highly motivated postgraduates students or passionate STEM enthusiasts a hands-on focussed experience in one or more of the following technologies: Open Source Liquid Handling Robots, Microbial Fuel Cells, and Artificial Chemical Life.

The autumn school covers three topics. Each topic will be covered by talks by leading scientist and by extensive lab work. The following topics are covered:

Liquid Handling Robots – You will build your own advanced liquid handling robot EvoBot based on our open-source design. You will only pay for materials (€1000) and will be instructed in how to assemble the system and apply it to simple tasks. After the summer school you take the robot with you.

Microbial Fuel Cells – You will build your own microbial fuel cell based on our open source design and receive training in monitoring and maintaining the microbial fuel cells. You will only pay for materials and chemicals (€90), and you will have the chance to power up different small electrical devices using your handmade MFCs. Also, you will take you own microbial fuel cell home after the workshop.

Artificial Chemical Life – You will be taught how to create simple chemical droplet systems that are able to show primitive, but diverse behaviors using safe chemicals. After the summer school you can order the reagents online and continue experiments in your own lab.

The autumn school is organized over a week where the above topics are covered in sequence. You can either pick individual topics or stay for the whole period it is up to you and your interests. The summer school is co-located with the 12th Advanced Biofilm Course (October 9 – 14, 2017; details:, which complements this summer school with specific focus on biofilms and the use of the EvoBot robotic platform for biofilm imaging.