Watch or rewatch some interesting talks from events hosted by the IT University of Copenhagen


ITU Alumni Event (part 3) - Beyond Engagement

253 views May 01, 2014

Beyond Engagement Presentation by Anders Skovgaard-Petersen and Max Møller Designers at Workz...


ITU Alumni Event (part 2): From the Ivory Tower...

281 views May 01, 2014

From the Ivory Tower to the Front Line Presentation by Simon Egefeldt-Nielsen CEO of Serious...


ITU Alumni Event (part 1) - Games and Learning

279 views May 01, 2014

Part one of the ITU Alumni Event, 24th of May - 2014. 00:00: Snorre Rubin welcomes the speakers...


openIT 6

251 views March 10, 2014

Technologies for Reliable and Flexible Global Business Processes and Workflow -- Thomas...


openIT 4

255 views March 10, 2014

Mobile Media – Mobile Youth: trends and topics during a decade+ -- Gitte Bang Stald Over the...


openIT 3

256 views March 10, 2014

Does Social Software support Global Software Development? -- Rosalba Giuffrida Global Software...


openIT 2

238 views March 10, 2014

From Four to Eighty Percent? Citizens channel choice behaviour in the face of mandatory online...


OpenIT 5

256 views March 07, 2014

Adaptive environments research: how experiential and performative methods inform IT research....


NeXGSD Conference 2012: speech by Zahid Abdullah

292 views September 21, 2012

Full speech by CEO at the global software engineering company TEO International, Zahid Abdullah....