Watch or rewatch some interesting talks from events hosted by the IT University of Copenhagen


Pynt eller Politik? - KUNST

210 views October 27, 2014

KUNST – som motor for den grønne omstilling Robert Ferry, stifter af LAGI (The land art generator...


Pynt eller Politik? - Paneldebat: INVESTERINGER

198 views October 26, 2014

INVESTERINGER - Paneldebat 2: Bør samfundet investere i kunst og arkitektur som drivkraft i...


Pynt eller Politik? - Paneldebat: ENGAGEMENT

286 views October 26, 2014

ENGAGEMENT - Paneldebat 1: Kan arkitektur og kunst skabe engagement omkring den grønne...


Mike Clark on the future of the IT organization

684 views August 20, 2014

Mike Clark, Business Technologist and Owner of Cohesion, comments on the future challenges that...


Klaus Østergaard on the future of IT organization

882 views August 20, 2014

Klaus Østergaard, EA Consultant and External Lecturer at the IT University of Copenhagen,...


Claus Råe on the future of IT organization

640 views August 18, 2014

Claus Råe, Head of Architecture at Danmarks Nationalbank, comments on the future of IT...


ICALP 2014: Award Ceremony

676 views July 11, 2014

Presburger Award, EATCS Award, Best Paper Awards, and Best Student Paper Awards at ICALP 2014....


ICALP 2014: Maurice Herlihy

700 views July 11, 2014

"Distributed Computing and Combinatorial Topology: Puzzles and Open Problems" 4th invited talk...


ICALP 2014: Sanjeev Arora

707 views July 11, 2014

"Overcoming the Intractability Obstacle for Unsupervised Machine Learning" 3rd invited talk...