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GLS #18: Validating Serious Games for Health

482 views December 14, 2011

Watch the game lecture by internationally recognized expert on making serious games for health,...


GLS #19: Robots that Think

378 views February 09, 2012

Jong-Hwan Kim from the National Center for Robot Intelligence Technology in South Korea talks...


GLS #20 Kunal Gupta from Babycastles

501 views December 04, 2012

Kunal Gupta from the New York based games arcade Babycastles talks about his project and the...


GSD 2013 - Software Engineering with Eiffel

451 views October 03, 2013

Global Software Development 2013. Lecture by Full Professor Joseph Kiniry from the Technical...


Managing Teams Offshore

423 views September 20, 2011

A lecture by Rina Castillo from Accenture, talking about how to manage teams offshore.


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Carsten Schürmann: Digital Democracy and Electronic...

367 views May 19, 2017

Carsten Schürmann is the leader of the Demtech research center, which studies the interplay...

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Vincent F. Hendricks: Attention economics and truth in...

584 views May 02, 2017

We ask Vincent F. Hendricks, professor of formal philosophy at Copenhagen University and the...

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Toby Walsh: Kidneys, Cars, and Killer Robots

552 views March 29, 2017

Toby Walsh is a leading researcher in artificial intelligence and a prolific populariser of...

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Troels Bjerre Lund: Poker-Playing Bots

635 views March 08, 2017

In early 2017, two independent research teams announced progress in artificial intelligence:...